The latest in the Rainbow Roads Trilogy

Tahoe of the North

Tahoe of the North Book Cover

The journey along the Rainbow Road continues for the Jack family of Horton, Oregon. The path becomes a gauntlet of survival for Tara Jack. Tahoe of the North is her story, the eldest daughter of Hiram and Polly. Growing up among the last surviving pioneers who crossed the prairie in covered wagons, Tara is the daughter who grew up trying to be the rough and tumble son her father always wanted. Now, living in Eugene, her life is about to change. Dressed as a man, she begins a search for her own Oregon Trail.

Driven by a vivid dream of warning, Tara finds isolation and safety on a mountaintop in the Cascade Range. Hired as the first woman fireguard on Waldo Mountain, she begins a journey of self-discovery inside the fourteen by fourteen foot confines of the glass-shrouded lookout tower. Amidst spring wildflowers and overlooking on of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Waldo Lake, Tara finds more than she bargained for.

Even in one of the most remote places in the state, she discovers three men want her: Two try to capture her heart and one will stop at nothing to kill her. A hero’s journey begins amidst forces of nature, strong men, and a cause: protecting the headwaters of the Willamette River that flows from Waldo Lake. Tara’s life takes an unexpected turn when her hiding place is discovered and she must once again flee for her life.

The Longest Wooden Railroad

The Longest Wooden Railroad Book Cover

An eighteen mile railroad short cut through the Oregon Coast Range promises to bring new life to the lumber town of Horton, Oregon. However, someone will stop at nothing to keep the line from being finished. When Grade Master Hiram Jack of the A, J C & H Railroad suddenly dissappears, completion of the final half-mile of track and the trestle bridge across High Pass Crevice appears doomed. Hiram’s wife Polly, will stop at nothing to find him.

Despite growing mistrust of the railroad company, the people of Horton are determined to finish their railroad built of wooden rails. With money running out the controversial project moves forward prompted by the discovery of Gold at High Pass.

As a frantic race to finish begins, Mother Nature adds a few surprises to futher plague completion of the railroad. The new locomotive named the “Gentry” must show it can overcome snow and fire and pull a full load over the steepest section of grade.

Amidst the growing economic uncertanity of 1929, a railroad built on wooden rails holds the promise of wealth for a whole community. The completion of the last half-mile of track will change them all.